girl_rage (girl_rage) wrote in palmettostate,

Myrtle Beach Book Club!


My girlfriend and I want to start a women's book club for people in or around Myrtle Beach, but we... need members for that. ;) We are both twenty, but it would be open to people of all ages. We mostly read things along the lines of: Francesca Lia Block, David Levithan, Eve Ensler, Barbara Kingsolver, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Vladimir Nabokov, Anne Rice, Augusten Burroughs, and of course, Harry Potter. We'd like to meet people who have similar taste as us, but also people who could introduce us to something new.

There aren't any set plans right now, but we're both free on Tuesdays. We'd be willing to host the book club, but it would be interesting to rotate the locations.

If anyone is interested in starting a book club with us, please email Brittany at
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