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I'm wondering If there are any people out there at least over 25 who are without any family during the holidays, be the culprit physical distance, emotional distance or death?  Not looking to cry into our beers or anything, I'd rather have fun, but I'd love to make a well-enough-adjusted chum who understands what I'm quietly thinking behind my glass (and I them) when our more "maintained" chaps are going on about their holiday dramas and coal-filled stockings.  It'd be nice to know someone else who is trying to make a "lemonade-filled"  life where once in a while we can say, "Hey, you're doing an awesome job at this almost normal gig- cheers" and that be the best Christmas present evah!  Or whatever...just less "maintained" than my current crowd, because though I love them beyond death, sometimes they're just reminders.  Anyone out there who's getting this?

If so email me, house party NYE. 
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